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I regularly compose for my different bands, within collaborative works and for my solo repertoire, as well as on commission. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to commission a new piece or use one of my compositions.

Here are some of my latest projects:

This year, I collaborated with the incredibly talented dancers from Compagnie J who brought my composition "Strings Attached" to life on the stages of several dance festivals. You can hear this original piece on Spotify and other streaming platforms.


Want to experience the full performance with dance and live music? We will be on stage one last time in August 2024 at the dance festival "Dansen in't Park" in Sint-Amandsberg (Ghent). Don’t miss it!

Strings Attached

1 violinist, 11 dancers...

Strings Attached


During the pandemic, I wrote one line of music every day, each line being a complete original composition. Not limited to violin solo, they can be interpreted on any instrument, and may be composed on commission.


Great to practice, they may also serve as original pedagogical challenges to improve instrumental skills and techniques.


Contact me for more details, music sheets or to commission a new one. Here you can hear recorded ones:

David's Oneliners for Solo Violin

David's Oneliners for Solo Violin

Nu bekijken

Here is one played by Hélène Boulègue on flute:

Digital Compositions

I work with virtual instruments and compose stock music. Unapologetically bold and dramatic in style, my compositions are more cinematic than your average youtube background music track. Most of these pieces feature an improvised violin part recorded acoustically.
Send me a message to use my work or commission a new piece.

Digital Compositions


Other Compositions

I compose both classical and non-classical pieces for diverse ensembles within specific projects or on commission.

Here is a list of some of my completed pieces. Do not hesitate to contact me for further details.

Other Compositions

Violin solos:

Scenes 1 - 2 - 3 (2018)

Piece for Juan (2018)

Imaginary Dances (2019)

Paper Zebra (2019)​

Violin duets:

Glass Elephants (2017)

Duo for Anouk and Jacqueline (2022)

String Quartet:

Octopus (2000)

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