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To every musician who is terrified of improvising:


What if you could create new music with the speed of a thought? Music that reflects your personality, creativity and musicianship in the present time? And all of that without the limitations of scores, critics or traditions?


Brace yourself! You’re about to discover a universe of music you knew existed, but haven’t fully experienced yet!


Indeed, imagining a whole cadenza on the spot can be daunting, unexpectedly being asked to solo over a jazz standard may be terrifying… The good news: you can learn these skills quite easily and it won’t stretch your comfort zone as much as you'd think!

Curious about learning to improvise? Here is what happens when you take a lesson with me:

Relax! You will not be bombarded with tons of scales and theory from the beginning. No matter your current level on your instrument, classically trained or not, my teaching will be individualised, adapted to your skills and tailored to your own goals and wishes.

Our approach will be easy, structured and step-by-step. I designed an array of pedagogical backing tracks specifically to support your learning process. Starting from simple games and chord progressions, to challenging yourself to jazz standards and free improvisation, you will develop your own style at your own pace.


So, if improvisation is something you wish to explore, send me a message and we'll schedule a lesson.

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