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Mostly Owl plays at Nextus Festival 2021!

Bijgewerkt op: 13 apr. 2021

On 18 April you can see me performing with Mostly Owl at the brand new Nextus Festival. The festival finds place during the weekends starting 17 April and ending 9 May. Come and see Mostly Owl and other amazing artists perform!

Mostly Owl is a trio initiated by David van Ransbeeck and Gabor Humble after a couple jams at the Muzikantenhuis in Ghent. They invited Luc Van der Stock bassist, who previously played many shows with Gabor in bands such as Humble Grumble and Follia!.

David and Gabor started off playing shows early 2017 in Hungary and Romania as a duo with a repertoire of traditional folk songs from Bulgaria, Turkey, Hungary spiced with some own compositions, some Gypsy jazz, but now as a trio they are busy composing new material a bit inspired by the Hungarian Kolinda and the Czech Jablkon.

Mostly Owl can certainly be called an alternative Folk trio which represents the colorful musical qualities of Ghent, where many musicians from around the globe contribute to the local scene.

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